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  Quds Razavi Industrial Livestock a affiliated to Astan Quds Razavi as the largest endowment of the Islamic world located in the northeast of the vast and civilized  of Iranian is located in the holy city of Mashhad. The Institute‘s activities in the field of genetic improvment cattle and sheep breeding, Production of premium industrial milk As well as producing milk with IMF Grade standard, red meat production, breeding  genetic improvment camel, Breeding leeches as well as breeding laying hens

leech production and breeding, as well as laying hen laying hen.

   With a young and active team in line with our vision, we work full time on nine livestock farms to produce 55 million kilograms of premium milk, thousands of tons of red meat and hundreds of bred cattle annually.

   During the last two years, Quds Razavi Industrial Livestock Institute has been able to take many steps in the direction of the development of Iran’s livestock industry with a completely scientific approach and a bold spirit. Most important of them are as per follows:

1- Formation of the first genetically superior herd of Holstein cows

in Southwest Asia for the production of sperm  and frozen embryos, breeding animals and also the production of sex-determined sperm

2- Completion of the first phase of the 45-hectare development plan of Razavi Kene Bist Livestock Complex as a producer of milk powder which is specialized for infant formula. With the completion of the other two phases will be able to meet 80% of Iran’s need for infant formula milk.

3- Inauguration of the first industrial line for the production of animal feed by the method of micronized flake of grain with a capacity of 10 tons per hour.

4- Formation of the first excellent herd of modern Iranian camel breeding model in Sarakhs livestock unit.
5- Making  Staph Aureus diagnostic kit based on plasmonic method for the first time in Iran.
6- The second industrial producer of frozen breeding sperm in Iran. We are proud to work with a large chain of suppliers to meet our needs in the feed sector with a consumption capacity of more than one hundred and twenty thousand tons and dozens of various specialized companies and services in other sectors related to the livestock industry.
   We attach great importance to social responsibilities and so far we have implemented several large projects with an entrepreneurial approach in deprived areas. We announces our  readiness cooperate with sale, buying or production of products and services. We are ready to share our experiences with you. We are also happy to use your experiences or services that can help us improve. 
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